Hello, I’m James, and this is my little photography site.  It’s been through quite a few generations since it started in 2001.  In the beginning I was only shooting and selling panoramic work with a Hasselblad XPan.  For a while there I shot quite a lot of weddings on film with my mate MG using our Leica Ms.  Then I was one of the people that started RedBubble and these days I spend most of my time running a curious consulting company called Luna Tractor.  Photographically now I dabble with lots of different cameras and formats and I really only shoot for myself – Despite many attempts to change I remain a paid up luddite film photographer mostly enjoying medium and large format cameras.  My friends at http://www.hcpro.com.au are still also passionated about silver and support me really well.  Over time I’ll rebuild the galleries with past and present projects though at the moment I’m distracted by a side project with MG called the Handcrafted Society.


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