ThirdGlance is reborn (again)

Hello, I’m James, and this is my little photography site.  It’s been through quite a few generations since it started in 2001.  In the beginning I was only shooting and selling panoramic work with a Hasselblad XPan.  For a while there I shot quite a lot of weddings on film with my mate MG using our Leica Ms.  Then I was one of the people that started RedBubble and these days I spend most of my time running a curious consulting company called Luna Tractor.  Photographically now I dabble with lots of different cameras and formats and I really only shoot for myself – Despite many attempts to change I remain a paid up luddite film photographer mostly enjoying medium and large format cameras.  My friends at are still also passionated about silver and support me really well.  Over time I’ll rebuild the galleries with past and present projects though at the moment I’m distracted by a side project with MG called the Handcrafted Society.


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